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The man himself!

I haven’t posted for a while since I wasn’t drawing because there’s pressure and i’m weak. Well, finally I got to investing a few minutes of drawing while waiting for laundry.

I always want to make bookmarks. I love making my own bookmarks; it’s art you get to touch and handle on a daily basis, and it’s practical and useful, too. This bookmark is a caricature of world un-famous director ERNST LUBITSCH, whom I’m studying about at the moment.

I wish I had taken a picture of the bookmark before wrapping it in duct-tape. I ducttaped it simply because the ink as rubbing off and I didn’t want to ruin the book.

Here’s a picture of Lubitsch taken from the biography Im reading at the moment, by Scott Eyman (Ernst Lubitsch – Laughter in Paradise)

The Score : 08.

Rona Tagglemayer gets her first narrative


This week’s WEMP is the first little comic I drew of Rona Tagglemayer (name subject to respellyzation). With any luck she’ll be in a bigger comic story I’m working on. Really, this week was an excuse to use my new A3 paper block, as well as experiments with coloring. To keep it short, because im so tired, the paper i bought is not sturdy enough to hold water well, and ink has a hard time mainting a consistent shade, unless it’s pitch black. I decided to color the background with a pencil (and smudge it), and the character with diluted ink.

The Score: 09!!!

On a celebratory note, this marks the 50th masterpiece to go up online! HUZZAS AND BALOONS! Ill try and be more productive, and may the quality go only up up up!

Couple of new stuff yays!

Well, here’s the WEMP for this week. More on that a few lines down, but let me begin by noting I put up a brand new HEADER! Yaaay!

For posterity’s sake, here’s the old header, which actually had a mistake in the way I highlighted the acronym’s letters.

Secondly, there’s finally a new frame! As you can see. In the wemp.

Minor jubilations aside, this week’s WEMP is my first attempt to do ink on A3 paper. I keep noting this every single post lately, but I really, REALLY love inking with a brush and a vat of ink. Gooshness, how I do. This time I also went ahead and did the diffrent shades IN INK, by having it very very diluted. There is such pleasure in this process. Also, some of my favourite times are in my room alone, when it’s too late at night, I’m drinking fizzy drinks straight off the bottle, eating something salty (peanuts this time), and inking. Drawing is hard. Inking is hard, but is also zen.

as for the WHO of this week’s wemp, it’s one of the characters I’m trying to come up with for a little comics story i’m fiddling with. I’m really not sure if it’s clear she’s a girl. Ah well. Here’s more characters, and one of them in loving ink (I didnt intend to ink it, but I found it around while waiting for the ink to dry on the other one, so went ahead. Funsies, major.) also, some of the roughs of the character from the wemp.


And here’s the little roughs for the header and the frame, just to show you there really IS some prethought going into these.



The Score : 08

More Ink Love

I’m honestly enjoying inking. Got me a new brush this week. It’s bigger but can still make as fine a point as the smaller one, and fills spaces quicker. Together they’re quite a team.

I was actually hoping inking would take up more time than it did. Oh well, can’t really complain about saving time.

The Score : 07

Winsory Spidery thing


I really love inking. Such a tactile experience.
I’m planning on redoing this piece, which was done last minute to try and catch the wemp.


The Score : 06, barely so.

Lil’ Miss Fitzgerald

A scene from a rather lovely fanfic story indeed by nebroadwe. It can be found here :

I chose to illustrate a very inconsequential bit from it; it actually has a lot of nice things about tick tock men and the daughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I dont know if there are any interesting historical significances to her character.

I modeled the clothes after a google search of the term “double breasted navy suit” and “plaid tam”. Also,  I managed to find a photo of lil’ miss fitgerald with pappy and mammy, so it’s kinda based on that too, in the loose-icon-based-likeness that anime stylish drawings invite. Did you know there’s a fearsome array of bobbed hair hairstyles?

The Score : 05