Welcome! / first post! / WTB?

Welcome to the DAily Master Piece.  You’re probably thinking “WTB is the daily masterpiece???” (the B is for Blazes).

Well, the DAMP is an experiement in making myself productive. The rules are simple – upload a little something everyday into the blog. Pretty simple, right?

Well, no. Being creative is hard, and being productive is harder. I know myself! heck, i don’t even wash my teeth EVERY SINGLE day! a fella needs some tangy sharpness every now and then! Also, i’m lazy.

Well (being the third paragraph to begin with this indispensible word), that’s where THE SCORE comes in. The score is pretty simple, as well!

  • Every day i successfully upload something,i get ONE point. Every day i’m a bad, bad artist, one point will be DEDUCED.
  • ONE Point per day! (the ol’ PPD rule).
  • uploads must be of things that were finished on the day of the posting. No day old art deserves a point.
  • To be point worthy, a complete work must be uploaded, a finished MASTERPIECE. No doodles or sketches deserve points!

I’ll think of some punishment to inflict upon myself for days where i’m at a negative score. Or maybe just the shame would be enough.

SO! enough blabbering and rules. You came here to see art, by gum!

Respectasticaly presenting the first MASTERPIECE

Sloppy the MO(..)SE!

Sloppy the MO(..)SE!

so, this is my revenge on the preston blair mouse. i have a lot of thoughts about the subject, and ill post them soon, along with more silly bastardizations of his work.

Stupidly,  i’m starting off with a negative score, since i foolishly started the blog 2 days prior to completing some sort of masterpiece. Paint me duh! As penance, here are some sketches that are nice, but lacking any likeness, of Sir Craig Ferguson. I’ve only seen this dude on youtube, but that’s the funniest scot since dylan moran (moran style tops him in hair).

craig ferguson looking unlike himself

craig ferguson looking unlike himself




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