Another DAMPless day

but here’s a preview of one of the next damps. basically i just want to add another cloud, i dont like the unbalanced composition.


This is painted in acryllic. I’m actually pretty bad with colors and traditional media (CAN YA TELL???) but i’m also pretty bad with colors on digital i guess… What i mean is, trying to create realistic things. Is there anything that really holds up on close inspection? i remember seeing MASTER’s drawings in museum and realizing that “man! this dosent look as good close up”.

I know it’s no excuse and that i have lots to learn, but that as an artist sometimes i’m too close to the work to see if it’s anygood… which is ok, art is about inferiority complex – at least, if youre one of those craaaazy artist who actually wants to get BETTER.

But i babble!

THE SCORE : Goes up to twelve. Boo, me.

edit: FUCK IT!!!!

Perhaps against my better judgement, here’s something not quite dampworthy that i damped up (dampened?)



p.s. can you guess what it is? i’m gonna make it much much better and bigger. It is also a celebration of my new colored-pencils. YAY! soon : a celebration of my new micron brush pen. i LIKE IT. i LIKE IT ALOT.


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