WHY calloh callay? well, i just understood (not learned or figured out, mind) how to LINK TO FULL VIEW PICS! it’s actually easy, you just click the link to file button. So with little further ado :



i added another cloud. Below is a color sketch for something i’m planning on doing big – the sketch is normal size printer paper.



it’s just a sketch (or, what i MEANT to say – a study) so there’s mistakes as a given, since the focus is on composition and colors, but it pisses me off that the hand looks translucent, like the cloud is passing behind it and we can SEE it or something – that’s just a mistake.

Both of these works are in ACRYLIC. I’d like to share some thoughts with you about acrylic, since i might be doing bigger more complex (less sketchy) stuff with it :

– It’s really hard to recreate a certain color in acrylic. is that in all medium? can you mix colors in watercolors, or… cant you? maybe with a proper artists palette

– to make matters worse, i always make tiny, tiny sampling of the shade i want, and then it’s dry before i’m finished using it – here it happened with the green mostly

– it’s real hard to mix acrylic with wasting paint – i mix with my brushes, and they end up soaking a LOT of unusable paint, unless i  use the brush ITSELF as a palette for a DIFFRENT BRUSH

– all these problems will only multiply as i use it on a bigger canvas. Man, painting is costly. so is drawing, but much less.

i actually wanted to do this watercolor, but (as i realized) my notebook wasn’t proper watercolor notebook, and the paper just got way too… DAMP? nah, kidding. it got wet. I want to justify it being traditional artwork, though, because it has this strong vector vibe, especially the main zach-shaped-man-frame. I think ill do this by making a “realistic” treatment on the hand and teddy bear, if not the clouds. there’s subtitles i’m going to add on the computer, but i think i’ll take the challenge of doing the main title on-canvas (i just coined a term!). I think this is good practice for me, i noticed that i rely on computer tricks too much, and i think that the more you can do on-canvas the more skilled and capable you become. MAN, it’s late at night…. my thoughts are all over the place.

writing is hard! i always have more to say in my head and when i try getting it out… something.

THE SCORE : goes up TO TEN!!!! what the what!


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