Lil’ Wolfgang f-ck (Or, S.B. wolf)

Today’s DAMP would have been colored if i had found my pencils. i WANT to clor this little guy. He’s a takeoff of the looney tunes where his uncle is big bad wolf who lies about how things went down with the three pigs. i dont remember the name right now.DAMP14

Tommorrow – sketches, PROPER cartoon sketches, and bitching about clive owen! yaaaay!


THE SCORE : Goes down to 9, methinks.


P.S. I KNOW I KNOW who am I to plug the great amazing rebecca sugar, but if for SOME case you’re reading THIS blog and haven’t seen rebecca’s SINGLES, do so, NOW. Also, google the phrase “PUG DAVIS” – hours of fun and genuine artistry. Ever felt what it was like to know about, say, the guy who did the GORILLAZ before he was truly famous? follow rebbeca, you’ll soon know.


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