Lazy dump. BuOaww Naww fellas….

Today’s DAMP is a combination of a  sketch i liked.  i was practicing this guy (i forgot his name so i’m calling him DUMPY for some reason) from the blair book, and i tried tilting his head BY MYSELF. i know i know – big step. i liked the result, and decided to be weird with water colors – i put the sketch on my light table, and drew on a blank page little blobs of color with my aquarelle colored pencils, then kinda blurred the blobs with water, then did weird color outlines.

I kinda like the result, and i am definitly going to do better stuff with it.


I also did a cool watercolor / acrylic thing which ill finish tommara mornin’.

Now another thing i want to talk about, which is kinda my idol/hero in way, JOHN K (rhyme not intended). I could talk for hours about john k – for example, his initials are J.K.. get it? j/k? ANYWAY. Mr. kricfaluci is a goddamn demagog (in the inspiring sense of the word… not the evil dictatory), and reading his blog, he always gets me excited about art – not just cartoons, but ART. trying to be creative, exploring the specific strengths of whatever medium your working in, staying away from hackneyed formula but understanding important principals and fundamentals… Man, the list can go on and on.

Well, Mr. Kricfaluci did it again. In his latest post – – he made me jealous for my meager meager skills, and i resolve (like i have many times before) to turn my cartooning studying to 11. Although, a normal person’s 11 is my 6… im too damn lazy. Well, i’ll try to get better, although i know i’m nowhere near some of his more talented disciples. I also really don’t wanna follow his advice wrongly – iv’e seen people online who instead of following his advice just copy his style and mistakes. Again, this can be hours of discussion so ill save it for now – i always get my thoughts mixed up, and writing this while listening to the excellent “they might be giants – here come the ABC’s!” aint exactly helping.

Here’s my practice for today which is really meager. I put it up more for shaming myself into work than anything else. I’ve also been drawing rats for the weekly drawing thing, so not all practice have been pure constructions. Well, it was, kinda, but from pictures of rats rather than the blair book. There’s also the topcat doll there, but i cheated – i fixed the image from my photoshop reference rather than by comparing it to the picture… hard to explain.


I want to go to sleep so i’ll cut back on explenations and talk more tommorrow, when i have PLENTY OF PRACTICE TO SHOW. i hope. I might have to start drawing myself to sleep instead of reading.

THE SCORE :Goes back down (or up?) to minus 10. Boy, i can’t seem to get past minus 8 for some reason.

P.S. – Who’s with me on coaxing Mr. K into some kind of a weekly podcast? i like it when ren explains stuff.


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