More important than the DAMP?


Well, yesterday i blabbed and blabbed about practicing more. So more important than the DAMP today is my practice. Above is the inked version, and below are the stages. I’m gonna practice more today, i’ll post it tommorra.



i’d list all my mistakes, but there’s way too much. most obvious is the badly inked mound and missing the ribbon on the hat. Less obvious are all the wrong proportions… the body should tilt forward more, the belly higher… the back of the head should be pushed back, the ear is wrong… Well, ya get the point. I got distracted by my want to ink.

To be fair, if i just saw it, i mighta thought it was an ok drawing… Which is why i should train my perception, too.

Today’s DAMP is a picture of a painting i did. I dont know why i thought this more appropriate than just the painting itself.


The face is actually denethor – played by the awesome john noble. It’s that part of lord of the rings where he eats all disgusting… i always wanted to do some some of art piece related to it. I actually used it in the bond-poster damp i did. Can ya find it?

Here’s the actual painting, watercolor and a smidge of acrylic.03dinothaur king01dinothaurd

THE SCORE : Solid 09. BOOYA.


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