More cuteness study

Today’s DAMP is also a study for the monday piece. I’m getting kinda excited about it! i’m not sure i draw rats that great, but i’m enjoying it. Although, i wanna draw FUNNY stuff soon, because what i’m drawing is cartoony and cute but not so funny.


Again, i want to see if i can have a lot of loud textures going around the background and leave a few thing very untextured, so they pop out. I’m actually kinda like these ones, theyre cute.I’m really trying to figure out how to do the big piece. So far, i start with a thin layer of acrylic on paper – if i use watercolor, the brush strokes are too obvious, and i want a flat background surface to start with. I then apply more acrylic to the main objects – in here, the mouse and her various diffrently colored parts – hair, cloth thing. I use a faber-castel eco tek pen, which is one of my favourite pens and highly recommended, though not as much as the ecco pigment. I have no idea what the diffrence is,because im ignorant about stuff like that. The background and texturey stuff, like the pillow, the plate, the background things, are colored aquarelle pencils. Boy, those break every two second, and get blunt very easily. Then i sharpen them, usually several times because they tip breaks instantly, before going on. I dont think they are meant for such tiny jobs. I probably should be using markers, but i dont have them – and also, sometimes i like the coarse texture colored pencils have. Other times, like in the red frilly things on the pillow, i dont like the texture – so i use a wet brush to soften the aquarelle paint’s texture.

Now, it feels like i’m turning into a johnk zombie, repeating things and terms i might not understand, quoting and mentioning people i didnt know of before reading his blog and people whose work i havent studied…. I dont agree with everything on the blog (some of the toys he puts up should be killed, somehow. Theyre terrifying.)… Im not sure what my point is, but the thing is that obviously the picture above is imitating in a way the MARY BLAIR (relationship to preston? must wiki) golden book images. I dont like all of them, some of the “Warm” colors just remind me of  unbearably hot summer days; But i do like a lot of them, and i guess i’m trying to say that i have no idea how the hell she does those drawings. Does she draw them all with a pencil and… Or does she just draw main shapes and wings the small details… OR… boy, not having a real arts education sure is tough.

I should also learn to write better and more to the point, but it’s real late.

Here’s today practice, i probably wont do more because i’m gonna start drawing the big monday piece. I lost the diffrent scan stages of the racoon, but i just want to show the stages at which i scanned the bunny. It came out with a lot of tiny errors, probably having to do with scanning it at tiny angle diffrences.

Also, whenver i beat myself for not being nearly as good as i want, i try to take a second to put myself in the viewpoint of someone not skilled at drawing – would THEY notice the tiny construction mistakes or unorganic shapes?

I think that people would not be able to point them out. I think they would think it’s a nice drawing (for example, of a bunny) but that they would also recognize the original blair as more proffessional.

My point is that i think i’m doing good, despite having and wanting to get much better. Also, i’m not nearly good enough to move stuff in 3d, as you can see by the racoon drawing i did not from copying. I had trouble imagining the muzzle in 3d, and a lot of the stuff just float and dont wrap around the basic forms.

007THE SCORE : Goes to minus seven, for which i dont think i have a little drawing. Oh well, ill try to do a DAMP tommorrow so i can use 6! i think i have 6.


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