Uber late rather weird DAMP

Today’s DAMP is extra late.

It’s a study for a piece i want to do for a weekly sketch thing.


I have this idea of having a background with a lot of details, and have textureless characters, and that way they’ll stand out… i’m not sure if it’d work. The problem i have right now is finding a balance between the shades of the background vs. characters… Here, look at these other studies from yestadeh :


In all cases, ive either done strong or weak colors (help me with terminology if you can… volume?) but the same value for both. Ill really try (apparently it’s hard for me) to do one strong and one weak next time… Hope it works. Oh well, it’s not  a paying job anyhow.

Here’s the meager practices for today.


I know i said id be working up at 11… But i have this mouse thing i wanna do. I think next week i’ll respectfully stay out of the weekly sketch and just practice.

I also want to practice not cartoony stuff, as ive been negelcting that too. I’ll be studying most probably another genius, whose work is invaluably generously offered online : andrew loomis.

And here’s just candy :


The score: goes down to 08 i think… but i wont update the number, not today.


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