They might be giants – Here come the PUPPETS!

A while ago i got my brand new CD/DVD of my FAVOURITE BAND (yes, even more than john coulton and the pillows), THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS! – Here come the ABC’s!


The cd is pretty awesome, with very few misses and some great songs – my favourite is the first Fake believe, and also flying v. Oh, and can you find the hidden letters one; That’s just awesome.

The dvd is kind of a let down – just like the dvd that came with weird al yankovic’s last cd/dvd – straight outta lynwood. Just like television, a lot of the cartoon are offensively… AMATEURISH and UNPROFFESIONAL – to not use any profanities. The puppets are pretty cute – i like the johns, and there’s a cool monkey and a pretty awesome pink dog with diamonded tuxedo. If that dog’s not gay, he should get a diffrent stylist. Unfortunately, the puppets move in a derivative MUPPETS way (like most puppets today).

The main bulk of the videos are those ugly flash things of people who cant draw. To be fair i havent seen them all, but my favourites are the ones in the recording studio where the band is being goofy.

Here’s an example of a great song with a shitty video :

Now i dont want to hear that i dont get these videos because theyre for kids – that’s bullshit. The songs are for kids and i’m having a blast. There’s plenty of awesome entertainment that is considered childish or for kids – Looney tunes, some tim burton things, ren and stimpy. There’s a lot more, too. There’s this great puppet company that does AWESOME things, like this awesome mysterious mose video :

They might be giants deserve awesome unbelieveably cool kiddie videos. I havent seen their old videos i’ll admit – i wasnt exactly watching MTV when they were big and i was three or so – but i’ve seen a few kiddie videos, and the songs always outmatch the video, easily.

So, why am i not more upset? simple. One day ill be working with the giants, youll see! And well make music videos so cool that everyone will put down their weapons and peace will reign over the world. And then you’ll thank us.

Oh, and to be fair – kids WILL enjoy the videos, it’s not like they’ll complain, but seriously. that’s no reason to feed your children mediocrity.

ALSO : i want to state that WEIRD AL’S dvd had an awesome SPUMCO video (with one boring 3-d part. the 3-d in spumco always sucks – like in that bjork video.) – but that video, much like a pearl necklace on a naked supermodel – only drew attention to the bare nakedness of the other videos. DAMN, this metaphor is confusing. I mean the other videos suck and this draws attention to them – i dont mean naked supermodels are like bad weird al music-videos. I am so past my bedtime, sheesh.

THE SCORE : Goes to minus 5. ALL RIGHT! i am getting a groove. Tommorrow might be dampless though, because i really want to train more, and DAMPING takes a lot of time. i also want to finish the weekly sketch thing. this is what i got : kingmouseThere’s about two more hours of work to get to what i want, and i made a lot of mistakes and compromises because i was really biting the deadline.


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