Further GIANTS

Today i tried to practice more than anything else.  Big mistake – i really wasn’t in the mood.

Today’s DAMP comes from me just kinda sketching the giants while looking at the cool HCTABC’s videos. Linnel looks like a junkie and flansburgh looks like a mr potato head. I hope they dont hit me if they see this drawing.


Did i mention how much i like my new red AND blue pencil? i do, i do. Here’s yesterday’s pencils – man, i think it looks proffesional. Like, a production sketch or something. Mostly because of the double color though.


anyhoo, for today’s lazy practices :

008 copy

The little leaning mickey isn’t practice, i just drew it (obviously) and mostly it’s lazy practice today. I know that excuses dont help no one… Maybe tommorrow i’ll be a better student. Oh, but tommorrow i want to paint the mouse king thing. BAH.

As for my self assesment : Boy construction is hard. i screw a lot of things up… but i hope im getting better. Im actually trying to get FASTER and less scratchy-lined. I dont know if that’s a step in the right direction, but i’ll try it for a while.

This construction thing… boy it’s like math to me. I think i get it, then boom! everything that i think makes sense just goes away. But unlike math, i care about this, so i’ll keep trying.

THE SCORE : Minus four. It rhymes. limes!


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