Ducking around

Today’s DAMP fills me with shame

I’m offending several parties with this shoddy drawing.

But im being hard on myself – kinda. A while ago, i wouldnt be able to do a drawing like this – primitive though it is – and as fast as i did, too. I still have tons to improve at, seriously; I know that being a good artist requires a big giant inferiority complex ; But i do want to put it in perspective, and give myself a nudge now and then. Your on the right path, buddy! now STEP UP! or whatever.

The reason for drawing donald duck is because i’ve been doing some practice. John K did a great link post, among which are awesome disney guides for drawing their stars.

Here’s the links – (if for some reason youre reading THIS palookaville post instead of Mr. Kricfaluci’s site, go there now and cheer him up – otherwise he might stop mentoring.)

And here’s the donald practice on michael sporn’s site –

Here are my LAZY, not-serious practices – i haven’t checked them against the originals at all. I’m just trying to get myself to do something, i guess. Ill post some serious stuff when i do them – maybe some of them will be good! madness, i know.


THE SCORE : Minus 01. YAAAY! soon i’ll be in THE BLUE!


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