Cant get over it. Legchew! whatta great name. But who’s Legchew, you ask? why, it’s the zombie lady from today’s DAMP :


It’s for the avivor blog weekly illustration at http://www.avivor.com/blog/ .  I just love the name legchew. Gnarly face is ok, but legchew – boy oh boy. This week’s theme was everyone loves zombies. I was stumped – no pun intended. I had a lot of vague ideas of norman rockwall scenes at the park, but i’m not that good, and there’s a week time limit.

I dont know what else i had to say, though i had. No practices so far today, i got hooked on tv. I might practice later.

THE SCORE :00! THE MOBIOEUS STRIP! HOORAH! tommorrow i’m in the blue!


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