Today’s DAMP – a sneak peak at Henry Selick’s NEXT FEATURE!

Well, it’s been confirmed.


Henry Selick’s newest film would be about two johns in a mystical john land! they go on finding johnnie gold on a doubled john adventure! I’m kidding, but that would be awesome. I recently got my GIGANTIC : A tale of two johns DVD. In the commentary, the johns joke about the title sound like gay porn, so i dont feel too bad about my own joke i wrote. I know the picture looks naughty,  but it isn’t, it’s just silly.

This DAMP is one of those DAMPS that make me proud of the ol’ DAMP. Sometimes i want to cheat on the DAMP, and leave stuff intentionally uninked  so i can ink them and claim them as a DAMP. But i usually feel bad and try my best to do SOMETHING. this makes me come up with characters like sloppy, or the they might be puppets – and USE THEM AGAIN – and then i also to to imrpove upon. All and all i’m glad. Sometimes though it just take too much time to handle all the uploads and it cuts into practice, and i should watch out for that.

Speaking of which, i’ve finally done some SERIOUS practice- by which i mean that i tried to hit the proportions, scanned preliminary stages, and continued when i was satisified. There isn’t a whole lot of practice, but still. Today’s subject, as well as an explenation for yesterday’s (wait, two days ago)’s DAMP, is ol’ donnie duck-o.


Sometimes it depresses me just how wrong i can get the proportions. Mostly on the first go, but when i keep going and mistakes keep popping up i’m also unpleased. Today there isnt something i’m too proud of, none were quite close enough to parade. My hope is that on their own, without comparing to the great originals, they would hold up ok (although none of the lines are too smooth or confident. still, better than before).

Of course, i have the attention span of a dumbass, so here’s some of my own uneducated stuff :


And just for a treat, here’s an excrept from a bozo the clown book i found on comicrazies. It’s full of beautifull paintings (althought i dont LOVE bozo as a character, he’s kind of… whatever). I ran across this paragraph in the book and it creeped me out, so i took it out of context and drew bozo badly. Maybe it would creep you out, too.


THE SCORE : 01. HOOOOOORAY! Today’s is cool for the score. Ive been in the red for a long time, after two week or so of doing nada. A decent the score is still a while to go, but i’m getting there.


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