The big practice dump

been a crazy few days. No DAMPS thus far, ive devoted most of the time for practice. Every time johnk shows pictures of awesome students my stomach churns with jealousy. I want to draw awesome! why must things be hard? it’s hard to get into a practice groove, which is weird cause i have mostly free time. Ill be a better artist, promise.

Here’s some SERIOUS practice (i scanned, compared, fixed)


This is unserious practice which i didnt compare.


That’s weird, i have more somewhere. I didn’t scan the really really bad ones. My output amount is atrocious. here’s a funny one!28pluto

As a treat here’s some stuff i’m working on. the first one is for the weekly sketch, the second one is this comics i have about a guy and a little girl in a postapocalyptic world. I have one done, maybe i’ll link it up somepost.



THE SCORE : man, goes back to 00. What a relapse.


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