Cats. Wallnuts. MADNESS!

Today’s DAMP is a photograph of a statue with a background, for aviv or’s weekly illustration thing.


It aint the best thing in the world, but i done it quick! About 4 hours, TOPS. here’s some process shots. You can see, respectfully :

  • Refrence sheet, the metal armature (feels silly to call the little coil armature, but i guess tecnically…?
  • Blocking – getting the major shapes.
  • My homemade Clay-Prepearer-TM! you see, you have to warm up the clay. Ill talk about it because i’d love some advice, but not now. I blew two lightbulbs consecutively today, and had to rely on the sun to warm my clay – frankly, i feel all ecological and stuff! the thing about this clay is that you HAVE TO KEEP IT WARM. It stiffens instantanously, and i had to keep working with little pieces. It also had ZERO water absorption – maybe it’s oil based – and so i couldnt smooth stuff over. Advice, anyone?
  • See how small?
  • Blocking the backdrop.
  • Softening in the sun slighlty, so i can work. I had to ditch the box because the sun moved! it actually isnt so bad,  but it was far from my work area and i had to get up every two seconds to replenish my clay.


Here’s another fancy masterpiece. Unfortunatley, you cannot recieve points for more than one DAMP a day, but still i share. I share because i care.


THE SCORE: Minus two. Regaining my faux-honor!


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