The Damp is back in one seventh of it’s power!

So, ok, the DAMP has been off for a while. I was busy! i still am, and there’s no way im cranking out a masterpiece a day. BUT! BUT! what can be achieved is a weekly masterpiece. To wit – The WEMP!

I have asked the kerry mc’kerrington, 2009’s official miss DAMP to drop by :

isn't she lovely?

and perform the most shameful duty that a miss DAMP could possibly be asked to perform.

That’s right, for the first time in the DAMP history – it’s time to click the reset button.

And as we all know, the only way to reset any sort of blog is to pull on the portal-dimension-reset-dragon’s tongue.

Yep, since the score got so out of whack, i’m gonna reset it. The official tally for the first round was about -1. The WEMP will consist of 1 point Per Week (if a WEMP was submitted.) Hopefully ill stay in the plusses this time!

This week’s damp WEmp, is none less than the mighty second Ramses. I learned that the pharoah beards were fake. You could actually see the straps in their statues!!!

THE SCORE : 01. Yaaay (defeatedly).


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