Rona Tagglemayer gets her first narrative


This week’s WEMP is the first little comic I drew of Rona Tagglemayer (name subject to respellyzation). With any luck she’ll be in a bigger comic story I’m working on. Really, this week was an excuse to use my new A3 paper block, as well as experiments with coloring. To keep it short, because im so tired, the paper i bought is not sturdy enough to hold water well, and ink has a hard time mainting a consistent shade, unless it’s pitch black. I decided to color the background with a pencil (and smudge it), and the character with diluted ink.

The Score: 09!!!

On a celebratory note, this marks the 50th masterpiece to go up online! HUZZAS AND BALOONS! Ill try and be more productive, and may the quality go only up up up!


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