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Cartoon Collective

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Rona Tagglemayer gets her first narrative


This week’s WEMP is the first little comic I drew of Rona Tagglemayer (name subject to respellyzation). With any luck she’ll be in a bigger comic story I’m working on. Really, this week was an excuse to use my new A3 paper block, as well as experiments with coloring. To keep it short, because im so tired, the paper i bought is not sturdy enough to hold water well, and ink has a hard time mainting a consistent shade, unless it’s pitch black. I decided to color the background with a pencil (and smudge it), and the character with diluted ink.

The Score: 09!!!

On a celebratory note, this marks the 50th masterpiece to go up online! HUZZAS AND BALOONS! Ill try and be more productive, and may the quality go only up up up!

More Ink Love

I’m honestly enjoying inking. Got me a new brush this week. It’s bigger but can still make as fine a point as the smaller one, and fills spaces quicker. Together they’re quite a team.

I was actually hoping inking would take up more time than it did. Oh well, can’t really complain about saving time.

The Score : 07

That’s a sponge

In case that isnt clear. enjoyies!

新年 明けましておめでとうございます


Happy year of the rabbit, folks. Here’s some designs for a card I need to make :

here’s some doodles that came out funny:

lastly, here’s a sketch i drew while listening to some words from keith olberman about chilling the fuck out


Onwards and forwards!

Lets see if we can kickstart this thing

Trying to damp once again


Extraterrestrial hoopla and a GODDAMN MOVIE

Hi everyone! more doctor who fun!


Anyway, i had this idea in my head and partially on paper for EVER. well, not for ever, for a few months. But guess why i didnt draw it – are you ready? because i was busy making GODDAMN MOVIE in the meantime! that’s right, a whole movie!

well, ok. Not a whole movie. It’s a student film short i did outside the uni curriculum. In our group we did movies without words and about suicide. I didnt like it too much. so i made this. ENJOY!

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