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Lil’ Miss Fitzgerald

A scene from a rather lovely fanfic story indeed by nebroadwe. It can be found here : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3061166/1/Tick_Tock

I chose to illustrate a very inconsequential bit from it; it actually has a lot of nice things about tick tock men and the daughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I dont know if there are any interesting historical significances to her character.

I modeled the clothes after a google search of the term “double breasted navy suit” and “plaid tam”. Also,  I managed to find a photo of lil’ miss fitgerald with pappy and mammy, so it’s kinda based on that too, in the loose-icon-based-likeness that anime stylish drawings invite. Did you know there’s a fearsome array of bobbed hair hairstyles?

The Score : 05