the cosmique DAMP

Today’s DAMP is inspired by an AMAZING statue i saw. It’s a Salvador Dali of an elephant with long, thin, triple jointed legs, ending in a hoof. On the elephants back is a giant triangle, resting on four smaller golden spheres. There’s more details in the triangle and whatnot, but the statue was TALLER THAN ME and was just fucking amazing, through and through. It’s hard to put it into words, and if you have seen it, see it now. today’s damp is but a meager allusion to the thing.
Also, ive thrown in a logo from CARNIVALE, which i’m currently rewatching. CARNIVALE is an hbo series which itself is kind of a big dali painting. It’s a fucking pro at spinning myth and mystery (someone described it as “a great show for people who found twin peaks too accessible”, which might not be accurate but is kinda funny) and it’s filled with so many many gems. It actually got cancelled with only a third of the story told. Perhaps i’ll talk about it someday… on the one hand “screw the system! how dare the network cancel it?”. On the second hand, about 4 goddamn million dollars went into each episode, it got a second season, it was always adverstised online, and NO ONE can claim it’s a show for everyone. so… I’m actually planning a DAMP about carnivale. Nothing fancy.

Sorry for the blab, here’s a pretty picture


THE SCORE : Inches up to miuns 11. Little by little, yo.


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